Company Profile

About Chyi Chan Electronics

Chyi Chan electronics corporation provides ODM/OEM services of microcomputer-controlled circuit design. As a corporation related to electronic equipment, Chyi Chan adopts strategy of benefit sharing and profession-division, by compose both upstream vendors and downstream vendors process in synchronous-mode , ensures various kind of products could met requirements which base on clients and related law, and provides small amount and multi-type customize-product service, to accomplish high-extent quality product design, which able to compare with larger scale corporation.

Recently, with the popularity of the Internet and smart devices, the world is actively investing in the counseling and development of the Internet of Things industry. The development’s value of the Internet of Things can be expected. In view of this, Chyi Chan Electronics is based on the development of microcomputer control circuits for many years. Experience and strength, continuous improvement of microelectronic circuit technology related to IoT applications, has integrated upstream IC design, electronic components, circuit boards and assembly testing, providing a one-step solution for software, firmware, and hardware planning.One-step solutionable to help customersshorten product development’cycles, andraise product’s value.

Business philosophy

  • Obtain and propose a creative ideas to clients, which able to match specific requirements on design, which also transform from schematic to physical products.
  • R&D could fulfill client's needs through communication, and provide a professional suggestion to clients.
  • The professional Production & SMT assembly line has significant efficiency on production scale, cost-reduction, and enhancement of competent.