Chyi Chan milestone

Chyi Chan electronics corporation provides ODM/OEM services of microcomputer-controlled circuit design. As a corporation related to electronic equipment, Chyi Chan adopts strategy of benefit sharing and profession-division, by compose both upstream vendors and downstream vendors process in synchronous-mode ,which accredited by possesses plenty of patent and award.

Year 2021
-Obtained ISO 13485:2016 certification.

Year 2020
-In March: Set up an office in Vietnam.

Year 2019
-Possesses Golden Peak Award & Creative Innovation award
-Wearable mobility warming-pad.
Year 2018
-Import research & development on brushless motor driver.
-Collaborative effort with Feng Chi University on wearable-instant-physiological sensing device, which possess allowance by Taichung City scientificproject .
-Development of medical-grade patient insulation system, and possesses allowance by Department of economy.
Year 2017
--Develop negative ion cleaner for vehicle, The AIR-BOX(IOT product), light-emitting mouse-pad, heating ribbon, and obtain patent in CHINA and TAIWAN, which include “Graphene material masking film and circuit board with grapheme shielding layer”,”Environmental Control Equipment and Environmental Conditioning system”,“Light-emitting Mouse-Pad structure”, “Heating Ribbon”.
-Receive ISO-9001 certification of 2015 version.
-Set-up IOT development department.
-Import development of Switching power, AC/DC and DC/DC.
Year 2016
-Obtain permissionby Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology Park, and entered the Central Science and Technology Park.
-Develop on wireless charging heating cloth, and obtain allowanceby the Ministry of Economics.
Year 2015
-Signed a memorandum of co-operation with Feng Chia University on the alliance of industry and education.
Year 2014
-Develop Bluetooth-controlled heating cloth, and receive allowance by The Ministry of Economics.